domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

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is a Film Performance/Expanded Cinema + Analog Bots ProJect created in 2010 by Manuel Trujillo, Rafael Balboa & Yurián Zerón incorporating Bruno Bresani few weeks later.As a parallel project from Trinchera Ensamble, this is an all time 3 to 4 people performing and exploring the boundaries of Film + Performance + Robotics


Activating the Space of Reception Tate Conference, London April 17/18/19 2009 ...Expanded Cinema is a film which activates the live context of watching, transforming cinema’s historical and cultural ‘architectures of reception’ into sites of cinematic experience that are heterogeneous, performative and non-determined. Works identified as Expanded Cinema often open up questions surrounding the spectator’s construction of time/space relations, activating the spaces of cinema and narrative as well as other contexts of media reception. In doing so it offers an alternative and challenging perspective on filmmaking, visual arts practices and the narratives of social space, everyday life and cultural communication. [ more info ]


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